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Bill Shepherd Big Band
The Premier Big Band in Northeast Iowa Since 1976

     This group of talented musicians keeps the Big Band sound alive. They play the old tunes first made popular by such dance hall favorites as Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and numerous other Big Bands of the 1930s and 1940s, and continue playing a wide variety of the pop music from the decades since. The Bill Shepherd Big Band plays for such events as wedding receptions, concerts, arts festivals, anniversaries, reunions, birthday parties, community celebrations, and corporate parties – any event that calls for a classy touch in entertainment.

     The extensive tune list of the Bill Shepherd Big Band includes music dating back to the 1930s and ‘40s, when Big Bands were at the height of popularity, to favorite rock-and-roll tunes, to today’s Latin and jazz tunes. Special tune requests (bride’s dance, college fight song, father’s favorite tune, etc.) can be made prior to an event.


Bill Shepherd Combo
Great Sound from a Smaller Group

     The Bill Shepherd Combo is a smaller version of the Bill Shepherd Big Band. This five-piece group – trombone, clarinet/saxophone, drums, piano, bass -- plays an eclectic mix of light rock-and-roll, pop tunes, and many of the recognizable swing tunes of the Big Band era.

     This group is a popular size for events where a full but smaller sound is desired. The Combo provides music for dancing, listening, or background.


Bill Shepherd's Red Hots
A Lot of Dixieland Jazz and More!

     The Red Hots play a mix of Chicago- and New Orleans-style jazz. The six-piece group grew out of requests for Bill Shepherd Music to provide Dixieland music in a party atmosphere.

     The Red Hots have been featured performers at the Cedar Basin Dixieland Festival, community celebrations around Iowa, private parties, corporate picnics, and numerous outdoor festivals. In recent years, the group has provided the Dixieland music for church services of almost every denomination. Bill works directly with the church’s minister and music director to coordinate choir/band selections and tunes which fit the theme of the service.


Bill Shepherd's Flock
Music with a Spiritual Message

     For a truly different type of entertainment, feature Bill Shepherd’s Flock at your church gathering. As a soloist or with his selected group, Bill can provide the right spiritual and gospel tunes for any occasion.


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